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What is the new Decorating Trend for 2022?

What is the new Decorating Trend for 2022?

Contemporary rugs have come back in a very big this year. While many home have decent flooring, homeowners are finding they prefer the plush luxury and design flexibility that rugs afford. Being creative and bold with innovative carpet remains one of the hottest interior design trends. Flooring no longer remains an afterthought. With most of us spending much more time in our homes, thinking carefully about making our homes more welcome and comfortable has given birth to this exciting trend.  

Go Bold 

An area rug offers the exciting possibility of affordably going bold in any room. From plush shag carpet in bright sunflower yellow to cozy-chic handwoven area rugs, rugs allow homeowners to exhibit their own innovative style. Mixing contrasting colors and styles in the home with a look to bold self-expression are one of 2022’s top interior design trends. Choose rugs with unique artistic patterns that bring uniqueness to the space. Rugs offer an affordable way to experiment with style and home décor. Try anything from traditional patterned carpets to custom art rugs with truly eclectic modern art. 

Think Canvas 

A brightly colored carpet accentuates the beauty of the space from floor to ceiling. Think of the space as a canvas. What colors might truly help your home décor pop? What rug colors and patterns work best with your furniture and accent pieces? KB Rugs has the largest rug collection in the region. Find the perfect area rug to truly make your home a place of aesthetic beauty and comfort. Enjoy this opportunity to be truly adventurous in design. Create an impact that impresses your guests every time. 

Classic Stripes are Back 

The appeal of classic wide or narrow stripe patterns has returned in 2022. Originally, striped carpets hid dirt and grime from high-traffic areas or covered unsightly older flooring. Today experiment with a variety of striped rug patterns throughout the house. Pencil narrow or broad wide stripes each broaden the breadth of the room. Try neutral tones to soften the look. For a bold look try bright alternating colors. This year blues, reds, and pinks remain popular color choices.  

Decorating with Simple Neutral Tones 

If you want to opt for a more functional subtle look, neutral tone large area rugs bring a sense of serene to any space. A neutral shade in the living room can unify the overall look and give it a timeless elegant quality. Combine a neutral palette with a very light unobtrusive pattern to keep the flow consistent and simple.  

Choosing the Right Contemporary Rug 

Finding the perfect rug for your home does not have to be a daunting task. Consider what size you need and what statement you want to make. Do you need the rug to have a dual function? Maybe you want to cover up heavily damaged wood flooring or need to hide dirt and grime from a heavily trafficked area. Consider whether you want a room to be calming or bold. Discover the perfect rug for you home at KB Rugs. We have an extensive collection. Find the right rug for you. 

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