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What types of rugs are in style now?

What types of rugs are in style now?

Today’s top trending rugs embrace warmth and the earthy. Modern rugs and décor in 2022 have natural and authentic designs. After the pandemic has left most of us in our homes for much longer periods of time, homeowners have reinvented their living space. Creating a comfortable, peaceful place to spend quality time with family and friends has become integral to general happiness.  

Natural Materials 

In 2022, gravitate toward more organic materials when choosing the right rug for your home. Modern rugs and décor borrow heavily from nature. Some individuals choose natural fibers because of the unique aesthetic or a wish to support sustainable practices. Natural materials often have less harsh chemicals and can be better for the environment. Some of the top trending materials include:  

  • Sisal 
  • Wool 
  • Organic Cotton 
  • Natural Latex 
  • Jute 

Additionally, handwoven artisanal rugs with a global feel have gained popularity. Bring the outside world into your home. Enhance the look with international pieces, lush landscape art, and beautiful plants. Travel the world from your living room. 

Not only are many natural materials beautiful, they can be sustainable. Eco-conscious homeowners choose these great alternatives over synthetic materials. Many contemporary rugs do not have harmful glue, flame retardants, and chemicals harmful for the environment. These natural fibers are better for your family, too. 

Top Colors for Today’s Contemporary Rugs 

Along with a trend towards more earth-toned colours like browns, blues, and greens, some contemporary rugs have bold patterns. Make a unique statement with your carpet. Highlight inspiring patterns, bold designs, and original artwork. Spark joy when you look at your modern rug. Bring in vibrancy and boldness. Embrace colour. Embrace life. Infuse the room with your personality. 

Practical Living 

With families staying inside their homes for longer periods of time, contemporary rugs need to be practical. Many of today’s top rugs are easy to clean. Don’t worry about long-term stains ruining an expensive rug. Ask our KB Rugs specialists about rug options that have significant low maintenance.  

Another practical aspect of modern rugs? Easily transform a room or cover an ugly floor with an area rug. Want to avoid children slipping on tile? Add a hall runner or smaller rug in busy areas. Quickly redecorate a room with a  few rugs or a gorgeous extra-large modern carpet. Designate a home office space or play area with brightly patterned rug. The truth is that any space can benefit from the addition of a gorgeous new rug from KB Rugs.  

Find the Rug of Your Dreams Today 

KB Rugs has the largest collection of contemporary rugs in the region. Whether you want to redecorate your living room, impress guests with a luxury carpet, or just need something practical for your family, KB Rugs has the perfect rug for you. Visit our website and check out our latest additions. Have questions? Contact us to find the right rug for your lifestyle. We promise you will find the right rug for your budget at KB Rugs.  

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