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Top 3 Office Space Inspirations

Top 3 Office Space Inspirations

Want to bring your office space into the 21st century? Cultivate an exciting creative space with a few simple design tips. Most of us work in spaces that seem straight out of the 1980s. For workers in the home, your space might be cluttered with the objects of everyday life like toys and unfolded laundry. You want to create a lively environment that increases your productivity. From bringing in more natural light to buying an eclectic office rug for your rolling chair, discover how to truly transform your office! 

Add BOLD Color to Your Office 

Do you work in a drab office? Break up boring neutral tones and sterile white walls with a splash of bold colors and patterns. Add a bright plush office rug for your rolling chair. Bring in large scale gorgeous Mondrian inspired artwork. Stimulate productivity with bold blues, bright orange, or even sunflower yellow. Experiment with different colors and designs like a patterned area rug or bright red accent chairs.  

Find ways to bring a rainbow of color into your space. Color is an important part of your office. Whether you are at home working in the living room or in an open-concept office with a hundred coworkers, find ways to liven up the office.  

Bring in the Fun with a Playroom 

If you work in a large office space, creating an open area for relaxation gives employees a much-needed break. Let everyone take their mind off of work for a moment. Recharge and refresh creativity and productivity with a coffee area or table tennis table. If you don’t have space for a designated break area, a large brightly colored office rug offers a way to cordon off a space. Enjoy interacting with your coworkers and grabbing a quick cup of coffee during the busy day. 

Nature Inside the Office 

Many of us have spent much of our adult lives stuck indoors in a cubicle or behind a desk. Unfortunately, this lifestyle has led to obesity, depression, and overall boredom. End the doldrums by bringing nature into the office. What are some ways to do this?  

  • Purchase beautiful lush rugs with organic nature-inspired artwork and designs 
  • Significantly increase natural light into the office 
  • Add foliage, houseplants, and dwarf fruit trees to the office space 
  • Find original artwork depicting landscapes, seascapes, and other gorgeous natura settings 
  • Add accent rugs in colors like blue or green to evoke calm feelings 
  • Choose natural materials for furniture, rugs, and signature accent pieces 

By bringing the outdoors into the office you will increase creativity and relaxation. Art pieces and travel photos give a moment to take a mental vacation from busy work. Add soothing meditation music to truly escape.  

Bright vibrant offices stimulate creativity and reduce stress. Add sunlight, gorgeous bright rugs, plants, and beautiful artwork to cultivate creativity in the office.  

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