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The Ultimate Living Room Makeover 2022

The Ultimate Living Room Makeover 2022

In this exciting article we will walk through some of the top living room trends for 2022. From gorgeous Scandinavian style to your ultimate modern dream home looks, find the perfect option for your luxury lifestyle. Discover the top contemporary rugs, organic accents, and natural finishes that will inspire and impress guests who visit your home. 

Scandinavian Designs 

Looking for a classic natural look? Enjoy the timelessness of the Scandinavian dream home. Using neutral tones, natural wood finishes, and gorgeous modern rug accents in neutral tones, transport your family to a land of Norse mythology and beauty. Enjoy clean lines, a minimalist color palette, and elegant designs.  

Go Natural 

Today’s environmentally conscious homeowner embraces nature in their home décor. This can mean including lush foliage and natural wood furniture in luxurious simplicity. Embrace organic styles and curves. Incorporate original artwork depicting abstract visions reminiscent of water and the mountains.  Add pops of color with floral touches in bright reds and yellows. Your palette choices combine colors found in nature like ocean blues, grassy greens, and pastels inspired from gardens. 

Vintage Luxury 

Enjoy 20th century design with Mondrian inspired bookcases and artwork. Incorporate modern furniture, geometric designs, and bold black shades. Add fun retro accents and artwork. Line a wall with albums and add a plush shag rug in bold colors. Choose warm colors to accent the room. Think curvy and shocking. Bring back the craze for yesteryear with unique style.  

Pandemic Comfort 

We have all spent much more time at home as the pandemic drags on. Forget about stodgy uncomfortable furniture and unwelcoming spaces. Instead embrace comfort. Add comfy carpets to baby your tired feet. Include big beautiful pillows in comforting neutrals, light blues, and soft greens. Add soft light and welcome natural sun into your space. Open up the overall living room and declutter. Choose comfort above all else. An oasis in your life.  

The Home Office 

Many of us were forced to multitask during the pandemic and transform our living room into small office spaces. The changes to our lifestyles may be permanent. Treat yourself to a custom home office nook or space in your living room. Choose a gorgeous rug to help your office area stand out in your living room. Find ergonomic office furniture that fit your space and welcome good health. If like many homeowners you find yourself sharing space with family, choose a different area rug for each space. This gives you options to open up the space if you have company or separate yourself for a few hours of hard work.  

When you need to find the ultimate luxury carpets and contemporary rugs, explore KB Rugs. We have the largest selection of designs perfect for every living room décor. Our talented team will be more than happy to help you find the right accent rugs, area rugs, and comfortable carpet to bring your family comfort and warmth. Trust our seasoned team. Visit today. 


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