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Awe-Inspiring Contemporary Rugs for Your Home 2022

Awe-Inspiring Contemporary Rugs for Your Home 2022

Contemporary rugs remain to be a hot decorating trend this upcoming year. From lush vintage rugs to comfy fun bedroom décor rug ideas for kids, find the perfect awe-inspiring rug ideal for your home. When finding the perfect choice, look at a variety of options. Think about comfort, price point, size, and color. Do you want the carpet to stand out or unite a space? Do you have small pets or children? Find the ideal rug for you with an number of exciting styles at KB Rugs.  

Vibrant Colors 

With many families spending more time at home, finding the right carpet in bold colors and patterns continues to be a top trend for 2022. Bring bold statements to a living room or home office with bright cherry red or sunflower yellow. Enjoy one of the top trending bedroom décor ideas with exciting bold blues and greens.  

Area rugs have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. The comfort and convenience of your own contemporary rug from easy cleaning to bright vibrant color palettes makes it a top choice. Showcase your individual tastes with a one-of-a-kind modern rug.  

Hand-Knotted Rugs 

When you want artisanal luxury enjoy the beauty of hand-knotted rugs. Coming in a variety of materials from wool to silk, enjoy gorgeous Taj Mahal hand knotted carpets and beautiful modern designs. At KB Rugs we have an impressive exclusive collection of beautiful modern hand-knotted rugs. These designs are perfect for any home no matter the style or budget. Add these awe-inspiring works of art to your home. 


For homeowners who want to live in the now, embrace the boldness of Maximalism. Live your life large and bold with bright magentas, bold geometric patterns, and clashing styles. Enjoy pops of color and unique accents. Truly make a loud statement through bright vibrant colors, cool wallpapers, and knick knacks that wow your guests.  

The Blue Period 

Blue remains a winning color for 2022. Why? The versatile color emits calm and soothing peace. At the same time you can have some fun with bold blue carpets and unique patterns. Add serene blue contemporary rugs to create a beautiful oasis in your home. Or go bold and mix and match with reds and yellows. Even neutral tones work very well with many shades of blue. So go ahead and explore this versatile color!  

When you need the perfect modern rug for your home, look no farther than KB Rugs. We have the widest selection of exciting contemporary rugs in the region. With hundreds of exiting patterns and style, you will find the right rug for you.  

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