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modern rugs for living room

Best Indoor Decor Ideas for 2021

This year enjoy some of the top trending interior design styles. From bold maximalist approaches to exciting color palettes, truly transport yourself into the home of your dreams. From lush modern rugs to for the living room to gorgeous sculptural furniture, discover the perfect trends for you. Refresh and reinvent your home space. 


After a couple of hard years, it’s time to ditch simplicity and minimalism and embrace the maximalist. Go bold and beautiful with bright modern rugs for the living room, an eclectic mix of colors, and contrasting patterns. Mix tiny details with larger-than-life art décor. Embrace your creative flair with drama and free-spirited schemes.  

Stripes and Checks 

Along with the mixing and matching of patterns in 2021 is the fun checks and stripes look. Combine checkered patterns with simple stripes. Choose complementary neutral tones like light grays, peaches, and sky blues to keep the look clean and subtle. Add floral arrangements in accented colors and simple photos to the wall. Gorgeous accent pillows in stripes and checks complete the delightful look. 

Embrace Sculptural Furniture 

The eclectic is in for 2021. Combine artistic furniture with one-of-a-kind contemporary artwork. Add beautiful rugs with modern prints and unique lighting. Keep the tones neutral and explore a wide array of geometric shapes and patterns. Find ergonomic designs that bring sophistication to your home. Both striking and dramatic, your carefully curated space provides an inviting comfortable nook for guests. 

Be Bold in Color 

Skip the drab and embrace gorgeous primary colors. Use cherry red, royal blue, and sunshine yellow as accents. Combine with wood furniture and printed rugs. Add statement lighting to showcase key pieces in the room. Add vibrancy and life to your home. For a slight change in the style, instead of using all three primary colors, instead contrast canary yellow with a pale gray for a unique enduring classic look.  

Embrace the Country 

Nostalgia and comfort abound with quirky cottagecore. The elegant vintage look combines the rustic with checks and gingham materials. Use a pastel palette for rugs, vintage prints, and contrasting patterns with natural designs. This luxury style combines the familiar with glamour for a unique feel that brings the thoughts of vacationing in the country home every day. 

Go Hawaiian 

Maybe a year or more of being cooped up in our homes has led many homeowners to embrace distant shores like Hawaii. Enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of tropical getaway. With bold rugs, classic floral designs, and brights, bring the beach to your space. Find unique trinkets to accent the home, as well as unique artwork and lamps from exotic places. Enjoy global inspiration with this fun chic look.  

No matter what style you want to embrace this year, go bold with our extensive array of exciting contemporary rugs and designs. No matter your style, we have the right rug for you. Explore Canada’s largest exclusive collection of premier rugs. We offer an option for every home. Find the perfect rug for you today. 

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