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Should You Carpet Your Child's Room?

What type of flooring does your child’s room need? Many parents find themselves stuck with older outdated homes that have less than desirable flooring throughout the home. Replacing and refurbishing old tile or wood flooring can be costly. Thankfully, there are many children’s rooms ideas that work great with simple area rugs. Enjoy versatility, extra safety, and a very affordable option.  

A Soft Surface for Your Child 

Whether you have young toddlers or rowdy middle schoolers, a soft surface provides benefits. For little ones crawling along the floor or learning how to walk, a beautiful rug gives them an extra layer of protection. Some popular children’s room ideas for 2022 include rugs in bold colors like bright blue or cherry red, and mixing and matching fun patterns. For older rambunctious kids prone to jumping off their bed and running around, a plush carpet gives them a soft landing when they have a spill.  

Sound Absorbent 

One of the biggest benefits to placing area rugs around your child’s room is reducing sound. The rug absorbs noise, letting the rest of the family enjoy peace and quiet. Rugs also absorb the sound of footsteps and running down the hallways. And when your teen wants to listen to their music and do the latest Tik Tok dance in their room, a carpet provides some insulation. 

Make the Room Unique 

Entirely remodeling your child’s room costs tens of thousands of dollars. Pay a fraction of that cost with some paint and new area and accent rugs. Change the look of a room instantly. At KB Rugs we have a rug for every style – modern, contemporary, bold, fun, minimalist, handwoven. No matter what your child’s room looks like, we have the perfect rug for your home. Mix and match the rugs with the curtains, furniture, and framed photos.  

Easy to Clean 

Some flooring cannot handle stains or scuffs. Don’t worry about your excitable child scratching up your wood or breaking a ceramic tile. Select a very large area rug to cover any vulnerable surface. Some contemporary fibers do not hold stains and are easy to clean. Search for modern rugs in our extensive gallery to find the right materials for your home.  

Change It Up 

If you grow tired of a room’s look, quickly change out the rug. No other floor surface provides you with so much versatility. Instantly transform a room with a new rug. No expensive remodeling necessary. In fact, many parents find that switching rugs around the house give a home a fresh look. Give life to your child’s space.  

Finding the right rug for your child’s room doesn’t need to be difficult. At KB Rugs we provide a convenient online gallery with limitless options right at your fingertips. When you need to reinvent a room, just come to KB Rugs. Visit our website today. Find the perfect style, color, and materials for your home. Not only that, we have incredible prices and competitive sales. Discover the difference at KB Rugs.  

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