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Making Your Home Safer with Modern Area Rugs

When you have young children and elderly relatives in your home, making your home safer is a priority. You can reduce trips and falls in your home. Many bedroom and living room design ideas incorporate area tugs and accent rugs. How can rugs provide extra safety? And how can you secure area rugs to prevent tripping hazards? Find out how you can make your home safe and comfortable for everyone in your family.  

Flooring Issues 

The wrong type of flooring can lead to many trips, falls, and injuries. Ceramic tile and other popular flooring are notoriously slippery when wet. Old flooring in need of repair may have loose tiles and planks or sharp splinters. Some flooring, like cement, are recipes for disaster with young children. To prevent this, many homeowners find that large carefully anchored area rugs provide extra protection for their loved ones.  

Children’s Rooms 

Young children love to jump on their beds and run around. Your child’s room should have soft carpet to absorb any falls and mishaps. Select a carpet material that is easy to clean. Carpets have an aesthetic value, too, and bring bright color to your child’s room. An area rug protects your flooring from the many accidents and mishaps in childhood. They provide extra insulation so your child has a warmer room during the harsh cold winters. And the soft plush carpet provides a perfect safe play space. 

Anchoring the Rug 

While an area rug provides a safe soft surface, bunching up can cause a tripping hazard, especially for those with mobility devices. If you plan on placing a rug on a hardwood floor, use a rug pad. A rug pad safely anchors the rug without damaging your flooring.  

For smaller rugs, you might want to try rug gripper tape. This is ideal for accent rugs and runners. Rug gripper tape has a reusable adhesive that sticks to rug. Apply it along the corners and the sides to keep your rug in place. You will need to periodically replace the rug gripper tape. Some popular brands are Gorilla Grip, Home TechPro Grippers, and NeverCurl. Rug gripper tape does not harm your flooring and allows you to easily reposition the rug.  

Additional Benefits  

Besides providing a safe surface for your family, an area rug protects your feet from harsh flooring and insulates from noise. If you want more peace and quiet in your home, you will be amazed how much of a difference a rug can make.  

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