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Are Contemporary Rugs Still Popular?

Are Contemporary Rugs Still Popular?

Should you buy a new rug in 2022? Contemporary rugs have enjoyed considerable new popularity during the pandemic. With more of us stuck at home for work and school, making our homes more comfortable has become a priority. From exclusive rug collections for executive home office furniture sets to rethinking a living room space with bold colorful rugs in exciting patterns, today’s homeowners have truly embraced the power of a beautiful rug.  

Popular Rugs Styles This Year 

What are some of the most popular types of rugs? This year’s top trending styles include gorgeous Persian and Moroccan rugs, Oriental rugs, and shag pile rugs. Persian rugs really make a statement with classic office furniture sets.  Faux Fur and Shag pile rugs have made a comeback, creating a comfortable vintage look. Or you can opt for other chic styles like Berber Rugs or Kilim Rugs.  

Additionally, natural fibers and neutral tones solidify a trend towards bringing organic earthiness into the home. Bringing the outdoors into the space with more sustainable fibers and styles. These simple earthy tones compliment any decorating palette.  

Oriental Rugs 

Surprisingly the mid-century style Oriental rug remains incredibly popular. The beautiful Peshawar Zieglar and dark red Bokhara rugs have timeless classic prints. Embrace nostalgia, glamour, and yesteryear with a traditional Oriental rug. You can also use these patterns on carpet runners and accent rugs. They have a versatility that matches nearly every home. Vintage styles add value and beauty to your life. Find the right Oriental rug today at KB Rugs.  

Persian Rugs 

Another vintage style – the Persian rug – has a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes. You can use a Persian rug in the living room, master bedroom, or even as a runner. These handwoven rugs have a distinct look setting them apart. Persian rugs come in an impressive range of designs. Your new Persian rug adds a layer of texture and depth to your home.  

Choosing the Right Rug 

When searching for the right contemporary rug for your home, be sure to consider several key elements like style, color, pattern, and size. Carefully measure out the area. Keep in mind little details like if you want your couch sitting on the carpet or not. Think about how much traffic the rug will get. Look at styles that compliment your home. Think about comfort. Do you want a thicker area rug? Consider if you will use the rug for temperature control or not.  

Will you be using the rug to break up a room or set up a designated space? If so, consider what colors and patterns work with your layout. Rugs bring practical beauty to every room. Always consider the function of the rug when purchasing. Consider use when looking at the fiber types and patterns.  

Visit Our Collection of Modern Rugs 

When you need to find the perfect rug for your home, please visit the KB Rugs collection. We have every type of rug you can think of in an almost infinite number of styles. Guaranteed you will find the rug you need at KB Rugs.  

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