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What Type of Rug is the Most Durable?

What Type of Rug is the Most Durable?

Avoid wasting money on a cheap rug by buying a durable, long-lasting rug. With so many rugs to choose from, from accent rugs to Oriental area rugs (8x10) for your living room, you want a carpet that will last you for years and is easy to maintain. We reviewed our top products and came up with this helpful list of our most durable materials. Find the perfect one for your home.

Natural vs Synthetic Materials

Before we jump into the types of materials that last the longest, let’s chat a minute about synthetic fibres versus natural organic materials. While there has been a new trend to move towards more sustainable, organic products, these often require more care and cleaning. Why? Synthetic materials have notable durability and toughness. Manmade rugs, even larger area rugs that are 8x10, have affordable pricing and an impressive choice of designs and colours. You will find both natural and synthetic styles in our list. 

Natural Wool

For centuries, rugmakers used natural wool to make exquisite carpets in several styles and colours. The wool comes from sheep, goats, or alpaca. The durable fibres are less susceptible to moisture. They stain less, too. Wool remains a top choice in long-lasting materials.

Synthetic Nylon

If you need a rug for high-traffic areas like entryways, choose nylon. The material withstands nearly everything. Find a colour or pattern that matches your home decor perfectly. Many have a built-in stain guard and just need a little maintenance to stay looking brand new. 


Like other synthetic materials, polyester offers an affordable durable option. Find patterns and styles perfect for your home. Use polyester both indoors and outdoors. Polyester rugs work well in high-traffic areas and bathrooms. Select from a wide array of exciting colours from contemporary to traditional Turkish rugs. 


While limited in style options, seagrass offers a natural hypoallergenic option. Seagrass rugs have a low price range. They work well indoors in the kitchen and in low-traffic areas. Unfortunately, they do not do well outside and are prone to wear. 

Sisal Natural Fiber

Created from the agave plant, Sisal provides a biodegradable and hypoallergenic fibre that lasts for a long time. Sisal is ideal for families that might have allergies or reactions to toxic materials. Though the fibres have a rough feel, the durable fibres work great for entryways, pet areas, and living areas. Water stains and discolours sisal. Avoid placing the rug near water, like in the bathroom or in a pool area. 

Find the Perfect Rug Today at KB Rugs

When you need a durable, long-lasting rug that lasts for a long time, look no farther than KB Rugs. We proudly provide the region’s highest quality area rugs. We have a variety of beautiful styles, from traditional Oriental rugs to contemporary rugs. Choose from our impressive selection of styles, sizes, colours, and patterns. Explore our collection today. 

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