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7 Tips for Interior Design in Your Home 2022

7 Tips for Interior Design in Your Home 2022

Ready to wow everyone with an exciting redo of your home? This year eclectic designs, gorgeous artistic rugs for the living room, and bright colors are in! What is out? Minimalism, exposed shelving, and gray industrial colours have seen their heyday and will likely continue to lose popularity over the next year. Want to liven up your living space? Check out our top tips from interior designer pros!

1 Embrace the Bold

In 2022, bright bold colours, exciting patterns, and natural materials bring excitement and life to your living space. For example, add a few exciting scarlet red rugs for your living room or reupholster dull neutral sofas with lively patterns. You want to make an exciting statement about yourself that is unique. Embrace your inner creativity and experiment! 

2 Say GOODBYE to Minimalism

Sure, minimalist neutral tones like beige, cream, and gray have a classic look. However, they date your home and bring out the blahs. Maybe because so many of us have had to spend inordinate amounts of time in our homes looking at neutral tones all day, it is well, honestly boring. So freshen up the colors. Even if you don’t want to repaint your walls and replace your flooring, you can add colourful pillows, accent tables, and contemporary rugs to spice up your life. 

3 Contrast, Contrast, Contrast

A popular trend from last year that continues to this year involves bold contrast. Think of a gorgeous luxury rug paired with an ebony black loveseat or two-toned cabinets in your kitchen. You can do a clear black and white motif, or experiment with jewel tones like magenta or emerald green. 

4 Embrace Art

Nothing makes a good conversation piece like original beautiful artwork. Whether you add an original painting from a local artist or splash colour with a room-sized handwoven rug, you can enjoy bringing unique aesthetic beauty to your home with a little bit of art. 

5 Geometry is Chic

Combining geometric patterns with bold colours makes for an exciting vibrant home. Experiment with adding wildly patterned throw pillows, rugs, and wall art. If you are ambitious, consider eclectic fun wallpaper. Ideas are limitless!

6 Bring in Nature

If you have found yourself working from home a lot in the last two years, bringing in nature will brighten up your day. You can do this in a number of ways like bringing in houseplants, replacing your curtains with sheer curtains, adding rugs with gorgeous floral patterns, and adding beautiful natural landscape photography to your walls. If possible, rearrange your furniture to give you a view of the outdoors. As much as possible, add in natural light. 

7 Custom Lighting

One of the best and quickest ways to change your overall look is using smart custom lighting. Change the mood of your dining room in a moment or add blue safety lights for the kitchen for those midnight snacks. Most custom lighting today works with your smartphone easily. Coordinate your lighting preferences with your lifestyle in minutes. 

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