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5 Biggest Living Room Design Mistakes

5 Biggest Living Room Design Mistakes

Avoid the absolute worst home design mistakes with our professional tips. Believe it or not many homeowners don’t realize that they make key mistakes like getting the wrong living room rug sizes or painting the walls too dark. Here’s a “what NOT to do” guide just for you!

1 Your Area Rug is Too Small 

Do you have a large living room space or a small one? How much furniture is in your living room? Does your living room have a lot of traffic or just a little? Do you need to cover unsightly older flooring? All these questions determine what living room rug sizes work best for your room. Avoid getting the wrong rug by making sure that it is big enough to at least fit under the furniture. This prevents the bunching of the rug and gives your living area a clear, beautiful space. 

2 Painting the Living Room with a Dark Paint

You want your living room to be a beautiful bright open space. Fill it with natural light and gorgeous custom lighting. Avoid painting your living room dark grey, black, or brown. You want a colour that reflects back light and creates the illusion of space. 

3 Your Walls are Blank

Don’t leave your walls blank. Enjoy expressing your unique style with contemporary art. Opt for large art pieces over smaller ones. Make sure your choice of art compliments your overall aesthetic. Avoid cheap prints and instead splurge on original art. 

4 Going Too Minimalist

Minimalism remains a classic aesthetic, timeless and elegant. However, sometimes homeowners choose to avoid any patterns in a room. The room becomes bland, boring, and almost sterile. Even if you want to indulge in Minimalism, take the time to add in some tasteful patterns. This could be a unique upholstery design or custom artisan wallpaper. Be original and add a little bit of yourself to accent the room. 

5 Your Living Room is Dysfunctional

Too many homeowners opt for a living room design without testing it out. For example, maybe you place a coffee table right in the path of traffic. Perhaps you purchased a white contemporary area rug but have a muddy dog and three toddlers. Can you see the television from the loveseat? And where did you place your reading lamps? Take the time to envision how you will use the space. Then place furniture and accents based on the room’s use. Save yourself a headache by planning ahead. 

No matter your aesthetic, avoid these terrible mistakes. Enjoy your living room. Make it a beautiful and functional space for you and your family. You deserve the living room of your dreams. Want to find the perfect modern rug for your home? Review the extensive collection at KB RUgs. We have the widest number of high-quality rugs for every home. Check out our collection today.

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