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Create a Stylish Living Room in 5 Steps

Create a Stylish Living Room in 5 Steps

What are the top trending living room styles for 2022? And how can you transform your living room into a gorgeous dream home? Whether you have a very large budget for your home or just have a small one, it doesn’t matter. You can create the living room of your dreams with a few simple hacks.  Follow our easy home interior design tips to truly create a special space perfect for you.

1 Remove the Clutter

Admit it. Most of the time our living room becomes a dumping ground for electronics, books, snack bags, and backpacks. Before you can create a gorgeous living room space, you need to reclaim the space! Take the time to get rid of all the excess clutter. You can either donate, throw away, or stow away unneeded items. If you have some items you need, like a remote control or laptop, buy a few inexpensive bins to store them inconspicuously. Believe it or not, half of successful home interior design is just de-cluttering!

2 Scrapbooking or Pinterest

Now that you can see what you are working with, take the time to search the internet and create a real or virtual scrapbook. This year natural materials, houseplants, and green tones remain popular living room trends. With so much time being spent indoors, many homeowners have decided to brighten up their homes with organic and natural designs. 

3 Plan it Out

Now that you have your dream ideas and inspiration, it’s time to really plan out your renovation. Will you redo the walls and flooring? Buy new furniture? Do you need to remodel the entire space? Figure out your budget and consider quick fixes like a new rug or houseplant over more permanent ones like knocking out a wall. In some cases, you might need to bring in a professional interior designer or remodeler. But even if you don’t have a large budget, you can make significant changes to your living room that truly make it an incredible space for relaxation and memories.

4 Conquer Big Expenses First

Before you can add in new furniture or buy that must-have landscape art, you need to do the big jobs. For example, if you decide to wallpaper the entire room or change the flooring, you need to complete this first. You might find that after these big changes, you might need to tweak your original ideas. Some big expenses would be any serious remodelling, large furniture, flooring, and walls.

5 Shopping for the Accents! 

Depending on your budget, you want to add in less expensive items like contemporary rugs, wall art, or even throw pillows. Curvy organic furniture is in. Contrasting bright colours and bold patterns brings life to your space. Add in accent tables or quirky pieces. 

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