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5 Ways to Style a Room with White Walls

5 Ways to Style a Room with White Walls

Bored of blank white walls? Need to spice up your home? Instead of seeing white walls as an eyesore, view them as an opportunity. An empty room is your canvas. Express yourself and your personal aesthetic. There are numerous ways to splash up a blank space. From adding some Minimalist chic with a lush modern gray living rug to bringing in some pizazz with avant-garde artwork, find the perfect way to beautify your home. Become inspired by these modern home design ideas.

1 A Luxurious Contemporary Area Rug

One of the easiest ways to add some colour to a white room is to complement wall art with a new contemporary rug. A lush gray living room rug coupled with mid-20th century paintings makes a perfect combination. Or try a more dramatic approach with bold jewel-toned rugs, emerald green throw pillows, and vibrant pop art. There are so many ways to create a compellingly intriguing combination. Experiment and explore. Be bold. 

2 Mirrors

Add the illusion of more space and light with mirrors. Full-length wall mirrors reflect natural light, brightening up your space. Mirrors also make a cozy room seem expansive. Add a little bit of luxury with gorgeous matching gilded mirrors along the walls. The larger the mirror, the brighter your home will seem. Take advantage of the reflective power of mirrors. 

3 Floating Shelves with Unique House Plants

Why leave white walls blank when you can showcase a gorgeous display of succulents and natural wood floating shelves? Install custom shelving all along the room. Break up the blank space with greenery. Complement with a natural fibre rug and spring green throw pillows with floral patterns. Add accent rugs with natural artwork. Bring the outside into your living space. 

4 Oversized Photo Collage

Take the concept of original modern wall art one step further with an oversized photo collage. Showcase your family in a large black and white display or make a beautiful mural of colourful travel photos. Make your wonderful memories a conversation piece. A photo collage gives you an opportunity to share your unique taste. Discover new ways to spruce up white walls with gorgeous photography artistically.

5 Ceiling to Floor Wall Art

We already mentioned creating a large photo collage. However, you can truly make a stunning focal point in any room with original floor-to-ceiling artwork. Find a piece that complements the furniture, area rug, and lighting of the room. A massive work of art makes a bold creative statement. A floor-to-ceiling canvas commands attention. Avoid cheap prints at the local department store. Instead, invest in an original piece by a regional artist. Tie in the wall art in the room with a lush modern rug and handcrafted accent pieces. 

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