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Contemporary Rugs To Match Any Home's Decor

Contemporary Rugs To Match Any Home's Decor

Ready to level up your home? Add a new rug to spice up your living room decor. A good rule of thumb when finding the right rug is to choose a piece that perfectly fits the space and matches the rest of the furniture in your home. You can opt to go monochromatic or embrace contrast. For example, if you have cream furniture, then opt for a bold pattern or colour to contrast with the plain couches. What are some of the top trending styles for this winter? 

Contemporary Modern Patterns

Homeowners want to add pizazz to their homes with exciting boldly patterned modern rugs. These rugs add style to every space. Whether you opt for bright geometric designs or something more abstract, a bright bold area rug with contemporary art will add elegance to every room. Bold patterns offer the added benefit of hiding unseemly dirt and pet hair. But you don’t have to let your guests know this! Make your living room decor a true conversation piece by going bold. 

Eco-Friendly Green

With society truly emphasizing the importance of wellness and eco-friendly living, bringing in a connection to nature with lush green rugs will bring true vibrancy into your life. Embrace the calm elegance of beautiful emerald greens and sea green. Enjoy a beautiful combination of the new and old with a gorgeous green rug. 

Minimalist Gray Brings Modern Elegance to Any Home

If you want a classy addition to your living space, invest in a large gray rug. They have a timeless quality of opulent luxury. Simplicity and elegance give the space a relaxing feel. Enjoy traditional neutral colours to add a tried-and-true contemporary style to any living room. 

Go Classic with Black Carpeting

Believe it or not, this year’s hottest carpet trend has been black and dark gray. Why? Black rugs are very forgiving. For homes filled with furry friends and young children, a dark carpet can hide a multitude of stains and scuffs. Additionally, black carpets give a sense of gorgeous luxury. Contrast dark accent rugs in a bright room for a modern look. Black will always be in style. 

When You Want Calm Go Blue

Blue area rugs bring a sense of calm to a room. Their aesthetic beauty beckons to the ocean. Blue adapts to any decor or style. No matter your lifestyle or unique tastes, guaranteed you can find a blue rug that will be perfect for your living space. Go with bright bold blues, dark navy, or even a beautiful cobalt pattern. Find the right rug for you. 

When you want to find the right rug for your home, check out our incredible collection of gorgeous luxury rugs at KB Rugs. We have the GTA’s largest selection of area rugs, accent rugs, and more. No matter your decor, you will find a gorgeous modern rug for your house at KB Rugs. Visit our website today. We guarantee you will find the perfect rug for you. 

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