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how to design a kids room

Transform Your Kid's Bedroom in 3 Steps

Decorating your little one's room shouldn't be a chore! Update your child’s room to fit their unique personality! How to design a kid’s room? It can be as easy as updating toddler furniture with a trendy youth bed or adding the perfect rug to add life and colour. With so many designs available, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which style is right for your child. Read on for some trendy ideas for updating your child’s bedroom.

Go Fun and Bold with Styles and Colours

Always pick colours and styles that suit both them and the room’s design. Do you know how to design a kid’s room with today’s modern trends? First, take to the internet and browse some of today’s fun trends like: 

  • Experiment with fun patterns and bold zany colours
  • Invest in multi-functional furniture 
  • Decorate the room with wall-sized kid art
  • Go with bunk beds or desk-bed combos
  • Try colourful trim and millwork
  • Use smart devices to control lighting, music, and even their alarm clock
  • Experiment with abstract patterns
  • Create cozy nooks like a reading corner or drawing space

Find creative ways to make your child’s room incredibly unique and reflect their personality. And even young children can help you make decisions about their room style. Include them in the fun. They will love to be a part of creating a new look for their bedroom. 

Add a Fun Shaggy Rug!

Every child loves a fun plush rug. Whether you choose a large area rug or a smaller accent rug for a reading nook, choose a rug that is comfy and bold. If you don't want the rug to be a focal point in the space, choose neutrals that blend with the bedroom decor. Bright colours, such as salmon and cobalt blue add an absolutely exciting pop of colour to the room! Experiment with patterns and fun designs. 

Before purchasing a new rug, measure your space to ensure you get one that fits the room. Take into account how close, you want the rug to be to the bedroom furniture. A very, very large rug might overwhelm the room and make movement difficult. On the other hand, if it's too small, it will look like an afterthought and lack functionality. 

Keep The Room Kid-Friendly

You wouldn’t want to add a glass table, expensive electronics, or heavy wall art to your child’s room. Also, consider what type of fabrics and materials would be best for your child. Consider the material it's made from. If your child is a bit clumsy and tends to be harder on things, look for a more durable option like wool or natural fibres. For rooms used by multiple children or that have pets, an easy-to-clean material like synthetic fibres may work best for rugs and furniture. Choose soft and comfy options to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your little one.

Don’t forget to look for durability. When looking for a durable rug, look at materials and construction, and maintenance requirements. Natural fibres, like wool, are great at handling spills but may require more upkeep than synthetic fibres. Find furniture that will withstand the rambunctious activity of children. Look for materials that are easy to clean. Keep the room safe and fun. 

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