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4 Super Simple Decorating Ideas

4 Super Simple Decorating Ideas

Discover how to transform your living space into a style statement with these home decorating tips. Get inspired and add class and sophistication to your living space! Look no further if you want to redecorate or spruce up your home. From decluttering, cleaning of area rugs, and organizing to light fixtures, furniture, and colour schemes, these tips can help create an inviting environment that reflects your style.

1 Analyze Your Existing Home's Style

Before decorating your home analyze the existing style and design. Determine what elements to keep and better understand where to start with your new decor. Consider your space's overall feel and aesthetics, such as furniture placement, wall colour, lighting fixtures, and accents. Consider if cleaning of area rugs or installing a new rug will enhance the decor. Once you know what works and doesn’t, use this knowledge to create the perfect design for your home.

2 Invest in Quality, Timeless Pieces

If you want your home to look timeless and chic, invest in quality pieces that will last, like gorgeous Oriental rugs or custom artisan area rugs. Purchase classic furniture with clean lines, such as an armchair or sofa in solid colours or subtle patterns. Go for natural fabrics like linen, chenille and cotton instead of plastic-based polyester. Choose neutral colours over bold shades so the overall look remains calm and serene. Pick pieces that speak to you -- they’ll serve as lasting reminders of your aesthetic taste!

3 Select a Dedicated Color Scheme

An excellent way to make your interior home decor stand out is by committing to one single colour palette. Select two or three shades, plus an accent hue for accents, and stick to those colours throughout the space. Some popular colours for 2023 are: 

  • Slate gray
  • Everygreen
  • Shades of sea blue
  • Natural greens
  • Contrasting colour schemes
  • Bright jewel-toned accents
  • Sunshine yellow
  • Warm reds and orange
  • Black

Choosing furniture, accent rugs, and accessories in matching hues will give your living space a more polished look. If you want to use a bolder shade for statement pieces like artwork or a rug, repeat one of the base tones from your colour scheme throughout the room.

4 Utilize Different Textiles and Fabrics

To create a truly comfortable and inviting living space, enhance your furniture upholstery, walls, windows, and floors using different types of texture. Faux fur throws, velvet cushions and fabric wallpapers are perfect for injecting softness and comfort into a space. Play around with lightweight fabrics to add a layer of warmth and depth. Find a combination of accent rugs and pillows to truly make a unique, bold statement. 

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