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Messy Kids? 17 Tips to a Clean Home

Messy Kids? 17 Tips to a Clean Home

What are some of the top trending ways to keep your home clean? From fun functional furniture to easy-to-clean contemporary area rugs, today’s busy parents have discovered new methods of keeping the house tidy and neat.  

Save Time and Money with a New Rug 

Believe it or not, you can save a lot of cleaning time with a rug. Today’s beautiful contemporary area rugs offer parents a surface they can clean quickly. For families in rental apartments, a new rug will provide much needed protection from spaghetti sauce spills, messy art projects, and lots of accidents that can stain. Follow these simple steps to keep your rug clean:  

  1. Make a No Shoes rule to keep dirt and grime off the floor 
  2. Clean up a spill when right when it happens 
  3. Use rug cleaner and a vacuum regularly to keep the floor spot-free 
  4. Blot spills with a wet towel 
  5. Every year invest in a professional carpet cleaner 
  6. Make a quick carpet cleaning solution by mixing a small spoon of dishwashing soap into a cup of water 
  7. Reduce odors with baking soda or vinegar solutions 

Designate Play Space 

Use a colorful area rug to designate specific places to play in each room. Playtime gets super messy. Accidents happen. Avoid super dirty messes by using a rug or carpet tiles to set aside an entertainment space for your children. Tiled carpets and small rugs have the advantage of versatility in both color and functionality. This is a cheap and fun way to transform a room quickly for your family.  

  1. For small apartments, designate a corner of the living room for play 
  2. Need a multifunctional office space? Quickly change the room from business to play with a small area rug 
  3. Want to revolutionize a basement? Cover with exciting rugs in numerous colors and patterns 
  4. Have a wet bathroom? A fuzzy washable rug can keep the mold and mess at bay 
  5. Often-used hallways benefit from long rugs that hide muddy prints 

Creative Functional Furniture 

Finally take advantage of all the innovative furniture options available today.  Organize quickly with these simple ideas:  

  1. Hide toy messes in multifunctional ottomans that are great for resting your feet and hiding dolls and cars 
  2. Add doors to bookcases to organize books and media 
  3. Some baby furniture transforms as your child grows, like a crib into a toddler bed or a diaper changing table into a bookcase 
  4. Hide cleaning solutions high up away from little hands with locked storage 
  5. Install wipe dispensers in messier rooms like the kitchen or bathroom for quick clean-up 

There are many ways to keep your home organized and clean. Busy families today don’t have the extra time or expense for professional cleaning every week. Instead invest in your home to create a comfortable clean space for your whole family. Contact KB Rugs today to find out the best rug options for your family’s needs. We will be happy to help you. We have the best customer service in the area. Call us today. 


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