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How to Pick the Perfect Luxury Rug

How to Pick the Perfect Luxury Rug

How can you find the perfect rug for your home or apartment? While you might have a lot of factors to consider, when you find high quality area rugs ideal for your home, your life satisfaction will soar. We talked with our design experts about how to choose the right rug for you this year.  

Fit Your Lifestyle 

Before you choose a rug, you need to really consider your lifestyle. Do you have a busy family life, do you entertain often, or do you use your home as an office space? You might need a few high-quality area rugs to meet your needs. Some questions to ask:  

  • Will it be in a high-traffic area?  
  • Do I have pets? 
  • Do I have children?  
  • Do I entertain often?  
  • Do I need the rug to delineate an office space or play space?  
  • Will I use the area rug in a multifunctional room?  
  • Does it need to be cleaned often?  

Depending on what you need, choose the right rug. For example, if the rug will be dirty often, choosing a color or pattern that hides dirt helps. Choose something easy to clean. Want a comforting home office feel? Perhaps go with a plush monochromatic blue tone shag. This will give your feet something cozy to rest on while you spend hours and hours at work.  

What is Your Budget?  

Fortunately, at KB Rugs we have the biggest collection of high-quality rugs in the area, and for any price range. Do you need one or two rugs? Are you adding rugs to the entire home or apartment? Consider your needs and your desires. Maybe you can splurge on a gorgeous luxury handwoven rug in the family room or bedroom. Or maybe your teen needs a bedroom upgrade and you let her choose her favorite contemporary carpet pattern.  

Design Choices 

You will find a rug any color, design, and size at KB Rugs. We have everything from traditional patterns to handwoven artistry, to more functional options for the minimalist. Consider your home design overall. What colors do you want to accent in your home? Maybe you have ugly flooring to cover or want to protect the heavily trafficked foyer.  

Some things to consider when choosing the right pattern or design for your rug:  

  • How much space do I need to cover?  
  • Do I want to brighten up the room with a lighter rug?  
  • Do I want to cover dirt with a pattern or darker color?  
  • What shape of rug would fit the space best?  
  • What materials fit the décor overall?  
  • Do I want to add a splash of bold color or patterns?  

Consider your room and really imagine what the rug will look like in your home. Avoid patterns and colors that clash too much. And while minimalism still remains popular, don’t be afraid to be adventurous in your choice.  

KB Rugs has the widest collection of gorgeous rugs for the home. You deserve your dream home. Come to KB Rugs. We will be happy to help you. 

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