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What Rugs are in Style in 2022?

What Rugs are in Style in 2022?

This year homeowners are embracing natural, authentic earthy designs. Whether this means fancy rugs for the bedroom handwoven from natural fibers or gorgeous designs reminiscent of the ocean and nature, find the perfect rug at KB Rugs. Discover this year’s most popular trends.  

Making the Most of Small Spaces 

Area rugs have the distinct ability to delineate a reading area in a family room, for example, or a home office space in the dining room. Their versatility and beauty make them ideal whether you are a renter or a homeowner. Additionally, for families with children, area rugs offer an easy-to-maintain way to set up a play space quickly for young ones without worrying about destroying expensive flooring or carpet. Choose from fun fancy rugs for the bedroom for your kids or more monochromatic energetic patterns for a lively living space. The options are truly endless.  

Embrace Warm 

In 2022, with many of us still stuck in our homes much more than we want, take the time to embrace warmth. Find cushy rugs that feel cozy on our feet. Natural materials like wool feel gentle on the feet. They soothe and calm. Children and pets will enjoy lying on the comfortable fibers of an especially luxurious rug. Try earth-toned colors, natural fibers, and textiles that make your home feel safe and cozy.  

Comfort and Clean 

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t want to spend hours and hours cleaning carpets. If you have pets or children, cleaning the flooring and carpet can become a fulltime job. Instead choose a neutral designed area rug that is easy to clean. Some colors and patterns hide dirt and muddy feet well. Other synthetic materials can be washed easily. Take out stress in 2022 with an easy-to-maintain rug.  

Go Bold 

Finally, many homeowners have decided they are tired of drab, monotone minimalism. Instead, they embrace the bold, the loud, the vibrant. Find spaces in your home like an entertainment space, a children’s play area, or the dining area that can use a splash of color or design. Add splashes of bright reds, orange, sunshine yellow, or even punk pink to really make a statement.  

At KB Rugs we have the widest selection of rugs in the region. Find the ideal rug in your price range for any home or apartment. Visit our website today. Have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact our helpful customer service to answer your important questions. We are happy to help you.  



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