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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Rug Size for Your Home

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Rug Size for Your Home

Finding the perfect rug for you home doesn’t have to be a challenge. Often finding the right size rug for a bedroom or living room can seem confusing. Don’t worry. We took the time to provide this short guide for choosing the right rug size for your home. Follow our simple tips or simply call us up at KB Rugs to find the perfect option for you.  

Don’t Go Too Big or Too Small 

We know how annoying having the wrong size rug can be. The rug for the bedroom might be too small, showing the unsightly flooring underneath. Maybe you purchased a very, very large area rug only to find out that it doesn’t fit your living room or den.  

So how can you avoid this problem? There are several standard options popular in the contemporary home. While your needs may differ in general you want to follow these guidelines.  

Living Room Rugs 

Living room rugs typically cover much of the flooring. This might be because the home has older damaged flooring underneath or maybe you want to protect the flooring from furniture scratches. Additionally, families may want a soft surface for little ones who have a tendency to run and fall. Because of this you generally want a rug at least six to eight feet wide, or the length of your sofa. Decide if you want the sofa and other pieces like the coffee table to be on the rug. Also do you want just the edge of the sofa on the rug, or the entire piece?  


Do you want to create walkways with your rugs? You can do this a number of ways. You can use a long runner, usually the length and width of a hallway, for example. Another option is to get an area rug just slightly smaller than your space, allowing for about a yard of open uncarpeted area to walk around.  

Designating Spaces 

You may need an area rug to designate an office area or a play space. Maybe you have an open concept floorplan and want to accentuate an entertainment area in the middle of the space. Carefully measure out the space you need. Always go a little over if you have the space. For example, if you want to designate an office space, you may want to add a little extra to give it a little breathing room. But be sure to measure carefully.  

Use Painter’s Tape 

Designate the space you want with painter’s tape. This will help you easily visualize the size you need. Purchase painter’s tape at the local hardware store. Don’t use masking tape or duct tape, as that may damage the flooring. After setting up the space, then measure the length and width. Record the measurements in an app or notebook. Stick to those measurements, even if you see a much larger or smaller rug for sale.  

Trust KB Rugs for the highest quality rug collection in the area. We have the perfect carpet solution for you. Explore our selection today.  


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