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contemporary area rugs

How do I choose the perfect Contemporary Rug?

What makes a rug perfect for your home? Finding the right contemporary area rugs for your space can be challenging. They provide warmth and comfort while also giving you an opportunity to showcase your personal style. Many homeowners find choosing the right contemporary design can be difficult. After all, there are an unlimited number of choices, colours, patterns, and sizes. How can you find the right option? 

Choose the Right Size First

To be honest, much of the difficult deals with finding out what size works best for the space. For example, some contemporary area rugs can cover an entire floor space. Other smaller runners and styles might be smaller and serve as accents. First determine how much of your flooring you want covered and measure carefully. You don’t want a rug too small for a space. It will make the room seem empty and sparse. Be sure that the size you choose covers a large space.

What’s a good rule of thumb? Make sure that the rug reaches under the chairs and sofas. The rug should provide a beautiful focal point in your home. The furniture should be able to sit right on top of it easily. You might want two rugs for a very large space if you want to separate two different living spaces. For example, maybe you have a living area and reading area in the same room. Some families may have a space for the children set up with a brightly coloured carpet. Write down all the measurements and have them happy while you shop. 

Living Room, Dining Room, Bathroom and More

No matter your style, nearly every room benefits from a rug. Make a bathroom floor less slick with a plush rug. Add a splash of exciting colour and patterns in an entertainment room or child’s room. Connect bedroom furniture, paintings, and décor with a beautiful contemporary pattern. Make any room cozy and beautiful with a lush carpet. 

Be Creative and Versatile

Another benefit to choosing an area rug is the versatility. Choose exciting modern patterns and styles. You can quickly replace a worn rug or swap rugs from one room to another for a style change. If you live in an area with flooding or expect many guests for a holiday party, quickly move the rugs out of the way then replace them afterward. Because of this, many homeowners find that they can add a rug to nearly every space in their home affordably. Play with different designs, textures, shapes, and patterns. Explore your creativity. Transform your home. 

Contact KB Rugs Team Today

Choose from our exciting collection of contemporary, traditional, Persian rugs, affordable machine-made rugs and more. Finding the right rug for your home can be challenging. Let our design team work with you to find the best options. Contact our friendly staff today to find the right carpet. We will be happy to help you.

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