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Here's What People are REALLY Saying About Minimalism in 2023

Here's What People are REALLY Saying About Minimalism in 2023

With so many different trends happening right now, it's hard to know where to start when designing your next home. We've got you covered! Minimalist home design is a style that focuses on simplicity and functionality. It is often associated with modern architecture and interior decorating. But newer styles incorporate a little boldness and flairs like exciting brightly coloured Persian rugs, ostentatious floor-to-ceiling wall art, or unique lighting design. So what has changed in 2023? 

Minimalism Trends of the Past

Admittedly, minimalism has remained a top trending style for years and years. Why? It’s simple, elegant, and has a perfectly timeless quality. Homeowners embracing this modern style did away with traditional decors like Persian rugs or patterned furniture and instead embraced a contemporary penchant for clean lines, geometry, organization, and neutral tones. Some of the most characteristic trends of minimalist home design have been: 

  • Neutral tones like grays, white, and black
  • White walls and floors
  • Large windows
  • Less clutter
  • Simplicity in design
  • Large area rugs with gray geometric designs
  • Lines in furniture
  • Lack of bright colours
  • A sleek contemporary aesthetic
  • Unique lighting
  • Clean surfaces with hidden storage
  • Only the absolute essentials
  • Sleek glass shower doors and elegant but simple bathroom
  • Clutter-free kitchen with stainless steel appliances
  • Metal or glass fixtures

Minimalism is all about unity, balance, openness. It flies in direct conflict with more opulent and sometimes garish styles that rely on intense colours, bold patterns, clash, and hodge-podge design aesthetics. 

So is Minimalism Still Popular in 2023? 

The short answer - YES! Minimalism remains timeless. In fact, many families find embracing minimalism brings them happiness and calm in their homes. Especially in a time when many of us are staying for longer periods within the comfort of our own homes, having a clutter-free clean home with open spaces brings considerable joy. However, many families find maintaining a minimalist lifestyle nearly impossible if they have a large family, small children, or pets. 

Reality vs. Minimalism

Because of this, there has been a trend towards homes that look less posh and more “lived in”. What does that mean? While you may want to have the absolutely perfect living space, having a nook just for the kids to pile Legos and homework is perfectly acceptable. In fact, multifunctionality has become a key way to address the desire for organization with the realities of everyday life. 

Many parents opt for designating areas with large brightly coloured area rugs for their children’s playspace or to set up a home office area. This provides an easy and very affordable way to organize a space while keeping it clutter-free. Finding harmony is more important than perfect. 

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