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4 Modern Rugs Decor Ideas for 2021

4 Modern Rugs Decor Ideas for 2021

A gorgeous modern rug anchors your living room. The latest trend for area rugs in the home includes bold and textured rugs and exciting contemporary designs. And you don’t have to break the bank. Find exciting contemporary rugs for sale to accent your home. Your new rug will provide an exciting base layer for chic interior design.  

Natural Material and Warm Tones 

Bring nature into your home with comforting warm tones and beautiful natural materials. Find contemporary rugs for sale with beautiful organic patterns, lush blues reminiscent of glimmering streams, and high-end designs that bring the outdoors straight into your home. Choose colorful leaf patterns, hand-woven rugs, and floral designs. Find styles that bring you the calming peace of the great outdoors right into your home! 

Going Bold and Geometric 

Want to make an exciting statement in your home? Go for bold geometric designs in high contrast colors. Opt for black and white patterns that have tons of personality. Highlight art-inspired designs and daring vibrant rugs in beautiful bright colors like bright cherry red or canary yellow. Let your bedroom, den, or living room spark joy every time you walk in.  

Vintage Inspired Design 

Add a little bit of character to your room with a beautiful vintage area rug. Whether you find a colorful 70s inspired shag run or opt for rugs with long pile lengths, discover the beauty of the past when you decorate with rich vintage rugs. Look for features like tassels, lush wool, and mid-20th century patterns. Bring vintage into the 21st century. Accent with period pieces and art to complete the overall look.  

Hand-Knotted Rugs and Traditional Patterns 

Sometimes you just want a gorgeous hand-knotted Serapi rug or luxurious traditional rug for your home. These timeless designs bring both beauty and class to any home. When you want to make a statement explore our incredible collection of intricately woven area rugs and exquisite designs.  

Find the Perfect Contemporary Rug for Your Home at KB Rugs 

We offer the largest selection of interior rugs in Canada. From stylish modern designs to Chobi rugs and exquisite options, find the perfect choice for your home. Visit our extensive website gallery today! Need help? Chat with our friendly staff about the best options for your home. Find the right carpet for your home today at KB Rugs.  


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